NY Kitchen Plexiglass Plaque

This clear plexiglass plaque for NY Kitchen is located right next to their main entrance into the building. The plaque, which is meant to remind visitors of key contributors to the company, features the names of the founding members and donors that helped make the beautiful space a reality.


Starbucks Lettering removal and LED outfit

We removed and replaced the LED channel letters above this Starbucks drive through. The old letters were cracked and looked damaged at night, but now they’re glowing brightly again. While on site, we also replaced the LEDs in the Siren logo - restoring it to its original shine.


Old Navy De-brand

This full site de-brand for Old Navy in Marketplace Mall included the removal of this massive outdoor sign. We also removed all interior signage and lighting before craning down the large oval on the front of the building using our 40 foot bucket truck.


Oak Hill Country Club Custom A-frame Whiteboard Sign

This custom A-frame sign for Oak Hill Country Club features a white board that allows for the text to be changed as often as needed. Each course changes hours based on the day of the week, so this solution allows the grounds crew to simply erase and rewrite the hours each day. A creative and unique idea that you won’t see very often!


East Rochester School COVID-19 Floor Decals

Returning kids back to school safely was the goal amidst the pandemic. We created this custom decal for the 4th and 5th grade hallways in the East Rochester elementary schools. This decal features the school logo, and school saying. These 24x24 inch decals were placed in intersections around the school to ensure traffic from all angles could see the message and stay safe.


Stonetown Hamlet Carved and Painted Sign

This carved and painted sign for Stonetown Hamlet is painted a signature forest green with gold leaf lettering. The v-carved lettering is painted with real gold flakes to give the final finished look. Green and gold is a classic color combination that looks great against the brick monument on which the sign is mounted.


Auction Direct Van Graphics

These custom window and body graphics for Auction Direct clearly display the company brand for all to see. Installed on this service van, the graphics serve as free marketing while the vehicle is on the road. The graphics are printed through our digital printer and applied right in our garage.


SuperSeal Sealcoating Vehicle Graphic

This custom vehicle graphic for SuperSeal Sealcoating company features their logo (which we absolutely love) along with contact information and DOT numbers. Displaying your company logo and contact information service vehicles is a great way to build brand awareness and helps you market your business while driving around town.


Rochester Hardwood Floor Box Truck Graphic

This custom vehicle wrap for Rochester Hardwood Floor was applied to a brand new box truck. The wrap features a custom image on both sides, along with their logo and contact information on all sides of the vehicle. This wrap was specifically tricky due to the rounded edges on the front, but our team did a great job and the customer was very happy with how it turned out!


CODE-2 Dibond Panel Sign

This digitally printed graphic was mounted on a dibond panel for the new CODE-2 building in Victor. Hung with grommets above their nicely landscaped property, this sign looks great and is highly visible from the main road running through town.


Mill Street Apartments Laser Engraved Steel Monument Sign

Laser engraved from COR-TEN steel, this larger monument sign for the brand new Mill Street Apartment Complex looks amazing. The steel is meant to rust after continual rain, giving it the desired rustic look they wanted. The monument sign is outfitted with LEDs on the back to give it a halo lighting effect, emphasizing the cut out lettering. This specific sign alone weighed well over 300 pounds, and is secured to the monument using 4 inch standoffs in each corner. This is truly one of our most beautiful signs!


Mill Street Apartments Laser Engraved Steel Monument Sign

Laser engraved from COR-TEN steel, this smaller monument sign is mounted to a stone column at the kiosk at the new Mill Street Apartment Complex. The material is meant to rust after continual exposure to rain and the elements, giving it the desired rustic look they wanted. This monument sign is outfitted with LEDs on the back to give it a halo lighting effect, emphasizing the cut out lettering. This kiosk is also meant to function as a bus stop, with a roof covering the area to provide protection from the elements.


Mill Street Apartments Historic Timeline

This historic timeline of Mill Street is v-carved out of cedar and then burned to give it a cool and unique look. The timeline pieces are mounted on a matte black dibond panel and then screwed into the wooden timbers that also function as a bench. The timeline is visible from both sides of the bench and gives people something to look at while waiting at the kiosk.


Cobblestone Creek Country Club

These custom “Do not sit” signs were cnc routed and installed on a railing for Cobblestone Creek Country Club. 20 3x8 inch signs were carved and placed along the stone ledge. The brushed bronze looks great against the stone bricks and the course looks beautiful as always! 


Geneva Welcome Center Interior lettering and carved and painted sign

This was part of a complete site signage overhaul for the Geneva Welcome Center. This unique interior sign combines multiple techniques to create a beautiful entrance above the doorway as you walk in. On the left and right we have glossy black dimensional lettering that showcases the Geneva Welcome Center slogan. In the center we have a completely custom design that was routed on our CNC router. The design was created from a digital print, and then once routed, the mask was taken off to reveal the logo. With a white background and black dimensional lettering on both sides, the logo really stands out!


Modis Frosted Plexiglass Sign

This frosted plexiglass sign features a simple and sleek design perfect for the customer seating area inside the building. With multiple businesses in this location, Modis wanted to make sure customers knew where to go and which seating area to use right when they walked in. With raised lettering and the same design as other signage in the office, branding stays consistent throughout the office.


Farmers Insurance Frosted Window Vinyl

This custom frosted window vinyl along a conference room for Farmers Insurance created a great private meeting room for staff and upper level management while maintaining a very professional looking office space. Right at eye level, the idea of this design was to make sure you can’t see into the room, but to not block the entire window either, leaving space at the top and bottom for light to come through and still feel somewhat open.


Forge Metal Finishing Door Vinyl

This door vinyl notifies employees and visitors of smoking policies and restrictions regarding who may enter each door. The same decals were installed on all three exterior doors. The goal for this project was to make it clear where smoking was prohibited so that it would not interfere with production or other employees, and our signage solutions solved their needs.


Forge Metal Finishing Window Vinyl

This glass door vinyl with a custom logo and company hours is perfect for displaying business hours and operations before customers enter the building. The white vinyl is easy to take off and replace in the event that hours of operation change. We also included the building number and information about sign in requirements at the bottom.


Northside Roofing Vehicle Application

This custom logo was applied to a box truck for a local roofing company. This company wanted their logo as large as possible centered in the back of the truck. We worked with them to develop this layout, which features the large logo with their phone number and some of the services they offer on the bottom. Over 10 years later and this design is still looks as good as new on the road!


DGA Builders Vehicle wrap and Window decal

This full truck wrap and custom window decal for a local construction company is made with high quality vinyl and allows the rear window to be seen out of but not into. Along with the side graphics, the rear of the truck was also done with full contact information and their logo included. Their custom logo was placed on the hood of the truck as well. This is part of a fleet of service vehicles that are used daily, and must be able to withstand the daily wear and tear of a construction vehicle. The high quality vinyl ensures that this wrap will last through the toughest of conditions.


Struck and Sons Vehicle graphic

This custom logo was applied to a service truck for a local contracting company. With their custom logo design right below the door on both the passenger and driver side, the brand is visible from everywhere while on the road. The design also features their website built into the logo, with a .com right after the logo on the right side, a nice little addition that makes it even more unique.


Schuler Haas Vehicle graphic

This custom logo was applied to a box truck for a local electronics company. Centered on the back of the truck, it was a perfect solution for them to display the company name on all of their service and delivery vehicles. The long-lasting vinyl will stick for the foreseeable future and won’t fade in the elements from everyday driving.


Linden Oaks Dental Parking Lot Traffic

This custom digitally printed graphic was applied to a standard 12x18 inch parking lot sign. Linden Oaks Dental needed a way to communicate with customers before they entered the building about changing business operations. During the COVID-19 pandemic, customers were required to stay in their car until they were notified to come in. These signs did a great job of keeping the staff inside the building safe. They were installed in front of every parking spot in the lot outside the building.


Graduation Banner

This graduation banner was digitally printed and installed in the front yard of the graduating student. With her name, college, year and major, this graduation banner displays everything she worked so hard to achieve. Given that formal graduation ceremonies were cancelled due to COVID-19, the family was thrilled to have something for their at-home celebration. We can create fully customizable banners with any design and layout.


Gordmans Channel Lettering

This channel lettering with LED lighting inside for Gordmans department store is perfect for nighttime visibility on the front of the building. With another set of the exact same letters on the back of the building, the brand is displayed from the front and back, on the street and in the parking lot. At night, the LED lighting inside the letters creates a purple glow that looks very unique and really stands out on the street.


Body 20 Dimensional Lettering

This simple and sleek dimensional lettering for a local wellness center features a glossy black finish. Positioned underneath the gooseneck lamps that provide light for the front of the building and against the tan exterior of the building, the black lettering contrasts well and stands out from the road. The pattern spans over 20 feet across the front of the building, and features another set of lettering on the same side of the building.


Parish of the Holy Family Dimensional Lettering

This glossy black dimensional lettering for a local church does a great job displaying the company name with very minimal maintenance required. After the church changed its name, they called us to create an efficient and cost effective solution. We decided that dimensional lettering was the best solution for them, and it turned out so well that it was featured as our project of the month in June of 2020.


Constellation Brands Frosted Plexiglass Sign

This frosted plexiglass sign was part of a complete site signage overhaul at the Constellation Brands headquarters. Positioned behind the receptionist, this sign creates a beautiful and inviting entrance for customers and employees alike. The frosted plexiglass sparkles when the light hits it right, and is absolutely beautiful to see in person. The signage overhaul included two more signs like this one, in addition to a monument sign for the exterior of their building.


Oak Hill Post and Panel Parking Lot Sign

This post and panel parking lot sign for Oak Hill Country Club notifies customers of parking restrictions and locations. The vinyl logo and lettering make it easy to change the wording as needed for events or for any personalization that needs to be done for designated parking spots.


Linden Oaks Dental Carved and Painted Sign

This carved and painted sign was created using the v-carving technique, creating 3D lettering and numbers. The tree was applied with vinyl and the same design is included on both sides of the sign. The blue-grey background contrasts well with the white lettering, logo and posts, and the black strip makes the building number noticeable from the road.


Pella Windows and Doors Monument Sign

Pella Windows and Doors didn’t want anything flashy, just a sturdy and reliable sign that correctly displays their information and brand. This aluminum box with dibond panels on a stone monument base is the definition of minimalistic. The very simple design does a great job of displaying the company name and building number along the road.


Cobblestone Creek Country Club Carved and Painted Sign

This carved and painted oval entrance for Cobblestone Creek Country Club features gold leafing around the entire sign. Using the CNC routing technique called V-carving, the lettering, logo and outside edge are 3 dimensional. This sign hangs on a post near the road signaling the entrance to the neighborhood where the golf course is located. The green and gold is eye catching from the road.


Cobblestone Creek Carved and Painted Sign

This carved and painted sign with gold leafing is truly a beautiful piece in any setting. Using a routing technique called V-carving, the lettering and outline are 3 dimensional with their custom logo applied with vinyl. Two stone columns line the entrance to the clubhouse and, along with our signage, create a truly unique entrance.


Southwick Carved and Painted Sign

This carved and painted sign makes for a welcoming entrance at the Southwick apartment complex. CNC routed out of HDU Foam and with automotive grade paint, this sign is built to last. With their previous sign being cracked from years of weathering, this sign was created to withstand time and the elements.


Fairport Landing Shopping Plaza Awning

This 60-foot striped awning in the village of Fairport not only gave the shopping plaza a major facelift, but is also perfect for protecting customers from the elements. Stretching along the entirety of the location, it creates a unique look and entrance for everyone.