Minuteman Press Outdoor Dimensional Lettering


These simple white dimensional letters for Minuteman Press are made to match existing lettering in the plaza. One unique quality about some office parks or plazas is that they often require tenants to have some form of standardized signage. This allows the plaza to look more uniform and gives it a consistent look around the property.

Spectrum Raceway LED Channel Letters


These raceway LED channel letters for Spectrum are for a new location opening in Rochester. We are working with Spectrum to open multiple locations across Rochester and the greater upstate NY area. Raceway channel letters are a great option for exterior lettering, as they provide a quick and easy installation process along with removal

Maranto Insurance Agency Outdoor LED Sign Box


This LED sign box for Maranto Insurance Agency is located on the side of their building. This already aesthetically pleasing building is complemented even more by a well built sign box on the side. With new company branding in place, we overhauled the slide in face on this sign as well as retrofitting the box with LEDs.

Maranto Insurance Agency Dimensional Letters


These dimensional letters for Maranto Insurance Agency turned out great! After removing the old letters and getting dimensions a few weeks ago, the facade was repaired and ready for the new letters to be installed. The company logo “M” is cleverly worked into the name, and executed perfectly in the dimensional lettering.

Bank Of America Outdoor Sign Box and Awnings


This new Bank of America site in the Perinton Hills Plaza features two very unique signs with awnings around the entire building. The two large box signs on the front and side of the building are manufactured with LED Channel letters mounted to the front of the aluminum box. The box hinges from the top, allowing for easy access to the inside for wiring and mounting purposes.

Fleet Feet Outdoor LED Channel Letters


These outdoor LED channel letters for Fleet Feet were installed in Syracuse, NY for their new location opening. While we typically operate in the Rochester area, we are always eager to expand and work outside of this area. The letters are manufactured on raceways that are painted the same color as the facade.

The Link Outdoor LED Sign Box


This sign box was an LED retrofit and new face installation. The Link changed names recently and rebranded their entire organization. With an outdated sign out front, they were in major need of a signage overhaul. We retrofitted the sign box with white LEDs, and replaced the face with a new lexan panel featuring black vinyl with their new logo cut out.

Cobblestone Creek Community Private Drive Sign


This custom private drive sign was installed in the CobbleStone Creek Community in Victor. We have done signs like this around the neighborhood, indicating private roads and no outlet areas. After routing the foam material on our CNC router, it is then painted black and the letters are v-carved on the router again.

Rent A Center Temporary Outdoor Banner


This temporary banner for Rent A Center should only be up for a few weeks while we wait for the town to approve their new signage. Banners are a fantastic idea for temporary signage as they are quick to install and remove, and don’t leave many marks on the building.

McCarthy’s Irish Masonry A-Frame Sign


This A-frame sign frame was created for McCarthy’s Irish Masonry. They came to us with a need for some reasonably priced signs that didn’t need much maintenance. The A-frame is a great option for many reasons, you bypass the permit process along with being able to easily change the inserts for events or special occasions.

Family Promise Outdoor Flag Sign


This flag sign for Family Promise of Greater Rochester was a rebranding of their old location on Webster ave. After changing names and joining the Family Promise brand, they came to us in need of a signage update. The old sign was worn out and covered in rust… When we were finished, the place looked brand new!

Buckingham Properties Outdoor Dimensional Letters


These outdoor dimensional letters for Buckingham Properties are for the new 260 East Broad building downtown for Butler Till. This building is wrapping up construction, and we worked with Buckingham to come up with this unique address sign. The numbers and letters are given a halo effect with white sintra behind the black dimensional letters.

Maust & Leone Insurance Outdoor LED Channel Letters


These outdoor LED channel letters for Maust & Leone Insurance are the brightest in the plaza! We manufactured the letters and installed for Brian and his business partner Robin. Opening up their new location in Frontier Plaza on Jefferson Road, we had to outfit them with the best signage possible to stand out. This specific set of letters features two raceways at 10 and 16 feet long.

Lakeside Restoration Outdoor Dibond Panel Sign


This dibond panel sign for Lakeside Restoration Home Furnishings came out amazing. Opening their new location in an older building, the existing signage was in desperate need of an overhaul. With the length of the sign area, we designed this two panel concept to fit the space perfectly. The sign is made of two ¼” panels that are each 10’ long.

Sturdell Industries Outdoor Post and Panel Sign


This post and panel sign for Sturdell Industries needed a rider at the bottom to notify customers and deliveries of where to go. As a subsidiary of a larger company, Voestalpine, deliveries were confused if they were at the right location. With a simple addition of a rider panel below this sign, this should clear up any confusion.

Iron Fit Outdoor Panel Sign


This custom outdoor panel sign for Iron Fit in East Rochester is truly unique. We created the logo for Iron Fit and then digitally printed it to fit on a 4x8’ sheet of dibond. We then router cut the panel to shape which gives it that unique look. Instead of a square panel, you now have a custom shape cut exactly to the shape of your logo.

Care a Lot Child Care Banner


This simple 3x8’ banner for Care a Lot Child Care was for their grand opening of their new location in Fairport. As Care a Lot continues to grow and rebrand existing facilities, we have been right there along the way to provide any and all signage needed.

Flanigan Mills Insurance Agency


This post and panel sign for Flanigan Mills Insurance agency is made from 1” white PVC that was router cut to shape and mounted onto two digital prints. The design was created to rebrand an old farmers insurance location to this independent agency. The post and panel sign out front is located right on Titus ave in Rochester, NY.

LiDestri Foods Outdoor Banner


This simple 6x3’ banner for LiDestri Foods was for a hiring event they put on in early June. Digitally printed onto 13oz banner material, we mounted the banner to two posts that were driven into the ground. With grommets placed along the top and bottom of the banner, we used a rope to secure the banner to both posts.

Revival Vintage Rentals Wayfinding Signs


These dibond panels with custom vinyl graphics are for Revival Vintage Rentals. Located in a somewhat confusing plaza in Henrietta, they needed an easy way for delivery drivers to locate their back entrance. This rather simple solution solves their problem while displaying the company logo and contact information on the rear entrance!

Whitetail Properties Post and Panel Sign


This 3x5’ dibond post and panel sign for Whitetail Properties is a great way to advertise a property that is for sale. Located in Finger Lakes wine country, this property needs to catch the attention of any potential buyers passing by on the road. By listing the agent’s name, contact number and size of the land, the buyer has all the information they might need to place a call with Tim.

Mill Street Apartments Rest Stop- Night


This beautiful nighttime image of our work at the Mill Street Apartment Complex showcases the laser engraved monument sign, glass panel with a digital print, and the historic carved and burnt timeline all lit up. The glass panel and historic timeline are lit by flood lights above, while the laser engraved steel plaque is halo lit from behind. This section of the project really brings the rest stop area to life and looks amazing at night!

Rustic Village Outdoor Parking Lot Signs


These carved and painted parking lot signs are for the Rustic Village Apartments in Rochester. In front of each of their parking lot complexes, they have two signs like these for easy navigation in this massive apartment complex. The signs display the parking lot number along with the building numbers in that respective area. We manufactured all of these signs years ago, and each time information changes we can simply change the lettering using vinyl

St. Bernard’s Senior Housing Post and Panel Sign


This post and panel sign for St. Bernard's Senior Housing is a simple design with two dibond panels mounted onto PVC posts. The real estate type sign is a great and cost effective way to display information to people driving along the road. After driving two u-channel posts into the ground, it’s simple to slide the posts right over.

Lowes LED Outdoor Channel Letters


These HUGE letters for the Lowe’s in Henrietta were a lot to handle. We removed the faces from the existing letters, which had cracks and overall wear and tear. We then cut identical letter faces out of lexan and installed LEDs in place of the existing neon. Neon is an old and outdated sign application, and leads to more problems and repairs than LEDs.

Ollies Outdoor LED Channel Letters


This set of outdoor channel letters for Ollies in Canandaigua features red LED components along with red vinyl faces. Along with the channel letters, this set also includes a pill bar with the company logo that is also LED illuminated. Two sets of letters were included in this job, with a smaller identical set of letters going on the back of the building.

Denny’s Pylon Sign Flex Faces


We installed these new pylon sign faces for the Denny’s on Jefferson Rd. Measuring nearly 15x8 feet in size, they were huge! On a windy Jefferson road this was a tough installation, but with another bucket truck assistance we were able to get the job done. We craned the faces into place using pick points and our crane arm while we secured them to the existing frame with our second bucket help.

Five Below Outdoor LED Channel Letters + Banner


These channel letters for Five Below in Geneseo, NY are a lot bigger than they look! The new store is opening this spring, and we got the signage up months before the grand opening to build awareness! Along with the channel letters we installed a banner below for even more attention to the grand opening in this plaza. Placed nicely in the blue box on the exterior of the building, this was another typical Five Below install that went smooth!

Schoen Auto Outdoor Dibond Panel Sign


This simple dibond panel sign for Schoen Auto was a nice upgrade from their old banner on the front of the building. The new sign is much larger and provides increased visibility from the road. A fairly simple installation, just a few screws into the side of the building and they’re ready to go! Digitally printed onto a 4x10 panel, the company logo and name stand out with the red and black color scheme.

Pal Mac Service Center Outdoor Lexan Sign Panel


This 10x4 foot lexan panel is slightly smaller than the one we installed on the side of the building for Pal Mac Service Center. With vinyl lettering for both the company name and building number, it perfectly fits above the main entrance. On installation, we had to remove both the lighting fixture and security camera, and then reinstall once the sign panel was installed.

Moore Corporate Realty Post and Panel Sign


This standard Real estate post and panel sign for Moore Corporate Realty was installed at a doctor’s office in Webster, NY. In the middle of a classic Rochester winter, we had to install this sign on the side of a hill, using two different sized posts. The post down near the road was 10ft while the post near the office was only 8. The two foot difference is used to account for the slope of the hill, making sure the sign is level even on an unlevel surface.

Rush Henrietta Family Chiropractic Pan Face Pylon Sign


This pan face post and pylon sign for Rush Henrietta Family Chiropractic was a rebrand and update to their main sign. The old face was a faded red with an outdated logo. Switching to this bright white face with green and black lettering better matches their logo and overall brand. With fluorescent bulbs inside, this sign lights up nicely at night along a very busy Henrietta road.

Conductor Construction: Carved Post and Panel Outdoor Sign


This post and panel sign for conductor construction features two carved and painted aspects. Their logo and company name are “hatched down” into the top panel while the rider below lists their services. Painted a simple black and white, the lettering really stands out against the black background and matches the company branding. The posts are painted 3x3 aluminum posts, which provides a unique look that you won’t see often.

Five Below Temporary Construction Sign


This temporary construction sign for Five Below is for their new location in Geneseo, NY. We installed both this sign and a large banner in front of the building. Once the facade is completed, we will also install the large channel letters! This type of sign is usually used when a new location is under construction and the company wants to increase awareness to all people entering the plaza. 

Frances Apartments Wayfinding Signs


These carved and painted wayfinding signs are for the new Frances apartment complex in Brockport, NY. The signs were cut to shape on our CNC router, painted, fixed to the white PVC post and then put 3 feet into the ground. The new apartment complex is difficult to navigate, but these wayfinding signs should do the trick!

Wheeler Heathly U Post and Panel Sign


This 4x4 post and panel sign for Wheeler Healthy U features a white dibond panel with green and black vinyl lettering applied to both sides. The vinyl provides more durability in the elements than a digital print. Paul just moved into his new building, and needed a wayfinding sign to help customers identify his location.

Chase Bank Outdoor LED Channel Letters


These LED Channel letters for Chase Bank are stud mounted to the exterior of the building. Replacing the old neon channel letters, these LEDs shine brighter and last much longer. This was part of a full site signage update that upgraded their entire location to new and improved technology!

Divine Nail Salon Panel Sign


This large panel sign for Divine Hair Salon in East Rochester features vinyl lettering applied to a white alumalite panel.  A new business opening in the surrounding area, they came to us in need of signage, and it turned out great.

Lisa’s Liquor Barn Pickup Signage


These parking lot signs for Lisa’s Liquor Barn allow customers to easily identify their pickup locations and which bay they are in. During the COVID-19 pandemic, they were in need of a simple solution for their curbside pickup offering.

Chase Bank LED Pylon Sign


This 19 foot LED pylon sign for Chase Bank was quite the installation process. Using our bucket truck, we craned the existing sign out and replaced it with this new one. The new sign is outfitted with LEDs, allowing the bank to save money on electricity and improve the longevity of the sign.

Rotork Outdoor Wayfinding Sign


This 4x4 post and panel wayfinding sign for Rotork was part of our full site signage update for their new facility. The sign features the company logo in their signature red color, allowing visitors and deliveries to easily see them from the entrance to the industrial park.

Star Physical Therapy LED Sign Box


This LED sign box for Star Physical Therapy features a lexan face with a custom digital print mounted to the front. This location recently redid the facade on the front of their building with a decorative stone design and wanted a new sign to go with it.

Universal Imports Carved and Painted Outdoor Sign


This one-of-a-kind carved and painted sign features a few unique elements on the 2” foam material. The company logo in the top left is made from black Sintra and was painted to match brand colors. The area around the logo as well as the area below the line, were hatched down to add depth to the sign.

Rochester Family Dental Carved and Painted


This carved and painted sign for Rochester Family Dental replaced their 20 year old sign that had become weathered and worn. They wanted a new look for their building and this sign delivered! Featuring v-carved letters and a coved border, this sign is truly one of a kind.

CODE-2 Dibond Panel Sign


This digitally printed graphic was mounted on a dibond panel for the new CODE-2 building in Victor. Hung with grommets above their nicely landscaped property, this sign looks great and is highly visible from the main road running through town.

Mill Street Apartments Historic Timeline


This historic timeline of Mill Street is v-carved out of cedar and then burned to give it a cool and unique look. The timeline pieces are mounted on a matte black dibond panel and then screwed into the wooden timbers that also function as a bench. The timeline is visible from both sides of the bench and gives people something to look at while waiting at the kiosk.

Cobblestone Creek Country Club


These custom “Do not sit” signs were cnc routed and installed on a railing for Cobblestone Creek Country Club. 20 3x8 inch signs were carved and placed along the stone ledge. The brushed bronze looks great against the stone bricks and the course looks beautiful as always! 

Graduation Banner


This graduation banner was digitally printed and installed in the front yard of the graduating student. With her name, college, year and major, this graduation banner displays everything she worked so hard to achieve.

Oak Hill Post and Panel Parking Lot Sign


This post and panel parking lot sign for Oak Hill Country Club notifies customers of parking restrictions and locations. The vinyl logo and lettering make it easy to change the wording as needed for events or for any personalization that needs to be done for designated parking spots.

Linden Oaks Dental Carved and Painted Sign


This carved and painted sign was created using the v-carving technique, creating 3D lettering and numbers. The tree was applied with vinyl and the same design is included on both sides of the sign. The blue-grey background contrasts well with the white lettering, logo and posts, and the black strip makes the building number noticeable from the road.

Pella Windows and Doors Monument Sign


Pella Windows and Doors didn’t want anything flashy, just a sturdy and reliable sign that correctly displays their information and brand. This aluminum box with dibond panels on a stone monument base is the definition of minimalistic. The very simple design does a great job of displaying the company name and building number along the road.

Cobblestone Creek Country Club Carved and Painted Sign


This carved and painted oval entrance for Cobblestone Creek Country Club features gold leafing around the entire sign. Using the CNC routing technique called V-carving, the lettering, logo and outside edge are 3 dimensional. This sign hangs on a post near the road signaling the entrance to the neighborhood where the golf course is located. The green and gold is eye catching from the road.

Cobblestone Creek Carved and Painted Sign


This carved and painted sign with gold leafing is truly a beautiful piece in any setting. Using a routing technique called V-carving, the lettering and outline are 3 dimensional with their custom logo applied with vinyl. Two stone columns line the entrance to the clubhouse and, along with our signage, create a truly unique entrance.

Southwick Carved and Painted Sign


This carved and painted sign makes for a welcoming entrance at the Southwick apartment complex. CNC routed out of HDU Foam and with automotive grade paint, this sign is built to last. With their previous sign being cracked from years of weathering, this sign was created to withstand time and the elements.

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